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We can design bespoke produce display units specifically to suit your requirements. This can be done over the phone or by email but for best results, you can arrange a store visit. These units are built with robust materials with the tough retail environment in mind. These stand-alone fixtures have proved time and again to drive sales considerably.

We can finish the units in Antique Pine, Teak or Dark Oak Stain.

We can add your own personalised signage to the units, but we are also happy to supply the artwork for your unit. Our signs are finished in aluminium so they will look good for longer.

We also offer the option of Kraft bag holders for loose produce. We can provide our own generic bags or have packaging made using your own design.

The units can be rented seasonally or annually. Normally after a year, we will replace your existing fixture with a fresh unit. We will take your old unit back for a full renovation.

For further information please contact Fergal on 086 259 5509 or email info@prms.ie