Potato Retail
Management Solutions


Our full potato management package will completely overhaul your potato offering over a twelve month period. Here’s how it works.

At our initial meeting we will go through your potato layout, current cost prices and margins, online presence and quality and waste management. We will look closely at your competitors, whether that is a large multiple, a discounter or the local green grocer. We will establish shopping patterns specific to your store and we will dissect your online offering versus the online competition in your area. We will also establish if your local supplier is doing enough to justify the prices they charge. Are they adding value by merchandising, offering sale or return, running promotions, monitoring quality and generally offering good service? Are they offering the varieties that sell in your locality. Finally we will discuss your goals and ambitions for your potato section.

Following this first meeting, we will send you a full report by email. The report will outline a series of recommendations on section layout, which varieties to stock and the ratio of pack sizes. It will also give an unbiased opinion of your local supplier. We will then arrange a phone call to discuss the report and outline our strategy going forward. If you implement all these changes, you will see an increase in your sales and margin over the following four weeks. Your potato section will appear fuller and will carry a higher grade of product, resulting in a more pleasurable and impressive shopping experience.

We will arrange follow-up meetings once a month and we will issue reports after each meeting. Each report will enable you to keep progressing and achieve bigger goals, once the fundamentals from the initial meeting have been achieved. You will have access to a potato expert for advice by phone or email throughout the year. If you would like further information about this or any of our other services, please contact Fergal on 086 259 5509 or email info@prms.ie